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What is LM Dental Tracking System™?

LM Dental Tracking System™ is designed to provide a unified solution in the field of dentistry: via RFID technology, it provides a holistic approach for improved safety, cost-efficiency, and asset management.

Through LM DTS™, dental equipment such as instruments, sensors, handpieces, filling materials, implants, and more from different manufacturers are wirelessly read in a few seconds.

Automating traceability, logistics, and infection control documentation allow staff to work more efficiently and focus both on their tasks and on their patients. IoT in dentistry enables big data gathering and analysis for constant improvement of processes, workflows, AI, and cost-efficiency.

LM DTS™ not only provides valuable data – it allows you to turn vital information into action that makes a difference.

How It Works?

A new world of dental safety and efficiency
LM Dental Tracking System™ enables tracking and monitoring of instruments and materials from all different manufacturers. It allows you to turn vital information into action that makes a difference.
Manage your clinic processes with smart data
The LM DTS™ server is used to record, track and verify the cycles of activities done to tagged materials.
Flexible editions grow with your needs
The determination of the customer-specific solution starts with core need identification: Turn information into action today. We’ll help you to choose the best plan for you.
Helping you turn data into action
Automating traceability, logistics, and infection control documentation allows you to avoid time-consuming manual controls, work more efficiently, and focus on the patient. With collected and analyzed data, you can make fact-based decisions based on accurate insights.
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Tagged products, together with scanning readers and server software create the LM Dental Tracking System™

Tagged instruments and materials

DTS unit reader tray with RFID technology

Scanning readers for notifications

Software for tracking and analysing

Tagging solutions with intelligent technology

Instruments and materials at the dental clinic can be identified and connected to LM Dental Tracking System™ if they either have an integrated tag or are tagged with an external tag that is readable by an LM DTS™ Reader.

Compatibility across manufacturers

Also, other manufacturer instruments and materials can be connected to the system via advanced RFID tags, integrating all dental materials in the clinic for tracking with LM DTS™ scanning readers.

LM™ instruments with an integrated tag

Tagged LM-ErgoSense® handle

The LM-ErgoSense® hand instrument is truly a unique combination of ergonomic design and advanced technology. All the LM-ErgoSense® instruments are available with an integrated RFID chip, enabling complete and reliable traceability by LM DTS™ scanning readers. Tagged LM-ErgoSense® instruments can be autoclaved and sterilized – just like any other LM™ hand instrument.

LM™ extraction instruments with tagged option

All the LM™ extraction instruments – LM-LiftOut™, LM-SlimLift™, LM-TwistOut™ and LM-RootOut™ – are also available with an integrated RFID chip for reliable tracking via LM DTS™ scanning readers.

LM-Servo™ E hand instrument cassette for improved safety

LM-Servo™ E cassette series provides a great combination of safety, hygiene, and new technology. Its easy-to-use and functional design with safety shields prevents sharp prick injuries and protects the instrument tips.

Advanced RFID readers for smart data reading

LM Dental Tracking System™ Readers collect data from dental instruments and materials and send it to a cloud server for analysis. They notify users of errors, such as missing instruments and/or unsterilized instruments, expired materials and also indicate if any sharpening and/or maintenance is required for instruments.

The LM DTS™ Readers are available in three different formats:

LM DTS™ Tray Reader

With the antenna, cables and reader enclosed in a single tabletop tray, LM DTS™ Tray Reader can be placed in any environment with minimal effect on its surroundings.  Depending on the requirements, it can be configured to support single or multiple activities. Instruments, handpieces, filling materials, implants etc from different manufacturers are wirelessly read in a few seconds.

DTS unit reader tray with RFID technology

LM DTS™ Unit Reader

LM DTS™ Unit Reader is a cutting-edge single UHF RFID read-point solution that can be mounted anywhere in the clinical area due to its compact size.

LM DTS™ Cabinet

The latest innovation, LM DTS™ Cabinet can be used for secure storing and scanning dental materials. Material packages are read and monitored when placing or withdrawing, using the same UHF RFID technology of other LM DTS™ scanning reader.

Track and analyze via the cloud

LM DTS™ Cloud Server database analyzes and tracks instruments. It provides easy analytical reports about the items and activity cycles registered in the system. Data can be used for improving clinic management and documentation. Most importantly, it can increase cost efficiency and patient safety.

Start your journey. Go beyond digital dentistry.

The determination of the customer-specific LM Dental Tracking System™ solution starts with core need identification: what is the current situation and what are the problem(s) and target(s) at the clinic.

Learn more about our different solutions and offerings to find out what best meets your needs.

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