Beacontree Technologies


Who We Are?

For over 15 years Beacontree Technologies has brought together an extraordinary level of experience and expertise in both the technical and business aspects of RFID innovation, application and implementation.
Each member of our senior management team brings over 30 years of directly related experience to this new and exciting industry.

One branch of the Beacontree operation involves the acquisition of RFID technology products and the negotiation of partnership relationships with manufacturers that enables Beacontree to always have access to reliable equipment that meets our customers needs.

Another branch of Beacontree requires unique technical operation capabilities. With the arrival of UHF RFID, knowledge of the technological complexities of RFID rises to the level of corporate IT Management when it’s being applied to specific customer demands.

The third branch of Beacontree calls for exceptional Project Management skills. It requires intuitive business, organizational and operational understanding as well as the talents it takes to see an implementation through from initial discussions to final customer satisfaction.

Your Trusted Partner For Your Next RFID Project

Since 2002 Beacontree Technologies has been identified as a prominent provider of Radio Frequency Identification technology in Canada and across North America. We are your One-Stop vendor and single-source solution provider for all your RFID needs. With our personal approach we thoroughly examine each clients case.

Every single RFID project is unique in its own way. Beacontree recognizes this and helps customers implement the entire solution from beginning to end. A proven turn-key RFID supplier with exceptional results year after year.

RFID is a well-established tracking technology with a successful history of providing efficiency and economy in countless applications. Recent advances in RFID technology have given it vast new potential for more sophisticated applications – applications that we can help you take advantage of.

Beacontree covers the RFID spectrum from low frequency to high frequency (HF) to the new ultra high frequency (UHF) with its significantly superior capabilities. It is in this new area of UHF RFID where Beacontree truly shines. With our own Library solution, Beacontree Technologies has developed an asset tracking program that allows small, medium and large scaled libraries to self check out / self check in items such as books, CD’s, DVD’s, files and magazines. In particular, law firms, architectural, engineering companies and many government agencies that have their own internal libraries are finding the RFID solution indispensable. Our BLAST solution (Beacontree Library Automated SysTem) works together with existing ALS (Automated Library Systems) through SIP2 Protocol communication. This allows for seamless implementation without missing a beat.

We are much more than a source of RFID technology. We assess your RFID needs and implement them in a total solution approach. Signal your need to know what today’s RFID technology can do for you by contacting Beacontree Technologies today!