What is the Application Purpose?

  • One-Touch Inspection (OTI) is a paperless inspection system done quickly and accurately.
    The touch screen design is finger-friendly.
  • A flexible, multi-level assignment structure for the mobile app to meet any type of inspection process.
  • OTI sends these inspection results to a central server which makes it available to all assigned staff members.
  • OTI’s central server holds all key attributes associated with your assets and stores the history by inspector and inspection type.
  • OTI is designed to serve any type of industrial plants. | Recent developments are intrinsically safe phone tablets and NFC tags that will serve hazardous environment industries (like the Oil & Gas industry)

Who it Benefits?

Companies that want to do inspection procedures in an efficient and safe manner.

What are the Existing System Issues?

Inspection is done on paper which could result in:

  • Records being manipulated.
  • Records are not updated in the system until the inspector is back in the office
  • Manual data entry is required to record the trending of data in excel or other programs in the back office.
  • Leads to more employee hours on the process.
  • Mistake possibility is great.
  • Inspectors could miss inspection points, or assume nothing is wrong.

What are the Benefits?

  • Reading NFC tags authenticates WHO, WHERE and WHEN an inspection checklist was answered. (An unlimited set of Zones is possible).
  • Inspectors are required to go around and tap the tags in each location and need to answer every single question before they can submit the report.
  • Photos and audio recordings can be included as part of the inspection report for all identified defects.
  • The application runs regardless of data connection. Inspection results are stored on the phone/tablet, then updated in a central database as soon as the device is connected to the WiFi or cellular network.
  • Defects generate Safe/Unsafe alerts that notify the back office in order to resolve the defects as soon as possible.
  • Brings more safety within the work environment.
  • Saves time and money.


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