Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas

Deploying an RFID solution in harsh environments requires specific knowledge and considerations that can only be gained through extensive experience. From the Middle East to the North Sea, Beacontree has implemented solutions across diverse environments – each with their own set of challenges. From architecting a solution for asset tracking, MRO or meeting regulatory requirements there are a number of specific factors that must be considered:

– Metal or non-metal assets

– Specific use of the asset

– Asset location

– Asset environment

– Regional or global use

– Explosive environment

A team of RFID professionals can help you to identify specific environmentals and asset management requirements to define an optimal solution.

Designed specifically to meet the very unique needs for utilities and the oil & gas industry, Beacontree has developed RFID-based solutions that provide the process visibility necessary for automating inventory, locating assets and managing your equipment lifecycles.

Beacontree solutions can help to dramatically reduce downtime, improve safety & compliance and provide the real-time asset visibility for efficient inventory and equipment maintenance management. From construction and exploration phases to production and distribution, Beacontree has architected solutions for companies around the globe:

– Off shore drilling platforms

– Land-based production facilities

– Energy pipelines

– Warehouse and lay-down yard sites

– Hydro fracking

– Consumer electricity meters, utility pole and underground lines

– Tracking and management of hazardous materials

– Automated alerts for maintenance and management of certifications

From the moment an asset enters your facility to the moment it is retired or placed into production, you have a precise, real-time trail of the condition, location and current value of each asset. This allows you to focus on delivering operational and financial efficiencies that manual tracking cannot provide.

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